Our Mission, plain and simple, is to get healthy food into the mouths of hungry people.

Our Vision is the transformation of unused private, public, and institutional land into Neighborhood Gardens, where healthy food, resilient community, and economic opportunity spring up together.

Imagine how affordable access to healthy food grown in the neighborhood can have direct impact on personal and regional food security for rich and poor alike.  Do you see that making healthy, fresh produce a more practical and economic alternative to a high-calorie, nutritionally empty diet can improve the quality of life for many of us, and even lower public health costs?

Imagine how gathering diverse neighbors to spend a few hours a month in the dirt together can create resilient community.  Do you see that working with neighbors for a common cause builds us up as individuals and as a society?
Imagine an effort in which all stakeholders: Volunteers, Land-holders, Government Entities, Service Agencies, and the Community receive more than they give.  Do you believe that a state of abundance exists in both the human spirit and the natural creation?  WE DO!!

Outgrowing Hunger is energizing and gathering people around this vision in order to form a broad-based movement in Portland.

If you like the idea, send us an e-mail and we will let you know how you can help!  adam@outgrowinghunger.org